Die-cast Aluminum Cabinet's discussion on fine-pitch LED Displays

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     The current indoor fine-pitch LED video screen, DLP, LCD occupied the worldwide market, especially fine-pitch LED screen is the momentum with its seamless splicing, high brightness, high grey level, high contrast ratio,and long lifespan,that is other screens can not compare, soon get the market recognition,and quickly seize the indoor splicing market. Bring such excellent performance for fine-pitch led screen, especially in the seamless splicing, flatness surface,and perfect performance,it can not separate from the key process and structure, that is, high-precision CNC machining technology and Die-cast aluminum cabinet.

LED display installation is mainly the following:

1,Magnetic front service cabinet;

2,Traditional steel cabinet;

3,Traditional Aluminum cabinet,

4,New-generation front/rear die-cast aluminum cabinet.

HOXLED adopt the latest die-casting aluminum cabinet that support front and rear maintence.

1, 100% die-cast aluminum cabinet;

Whole body with die-casting aluminum manufacturing process, bringing a higher sealing and cooling performance, to IP6X dust standards;
2, 16: 9 golden ratio;
Designed for high-definition application requirements, designed 16: 9 golden ratio module, to better meet the various slicing screen's ways;
3, Front and rear maintenance;
Two maintenance methods, to bring more possiblities to support the back wall installation, easy maintenance;
4, Working status indicator display;
Real-time display operating parameters, state synchronization monitoring, early warning, fault visual display;
5, Brightness automatic adjustment;
Brightness 0 ~ 1200cd /㎡ adjustable, according to environment to adjust the brightness, always maintain the best view;
6, Energy saving and environmental ;
Level energy efficiency standards, innovative design to bring lower power consumption performance;
7, Patchwork fine-tuning technology;
Using patchwork fine-tuning technology, the original patchwork fine-tuning structure, the whole screen without bright lines or dark lines, the perfect display.

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