HOXLED 297m2 Outdoor Transparent Screen Supplied To Weinan’s Thirteent h Sports Opening

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The Opening Ceremony of the 13th Sports Games was officially opened in the “Drum beats on Weinan” on the evening of 25th May. This is the comprehensive sports event with the highest specification, largest scale, and most extensive participation in Weinan City.

On the evening of May 25th, the opening ceremony of the thirteenth Sports Games in Weinan City was grandly opened in the "Gu Dong Weinan." This is the comprehensive sports event with the highest specifications, largest scale, and most extensive participation in Weinan City. The opening ceremony of the Weinan Sports Center’s large-scale thematic performances is divided into five parts: Encouraging Weinan as the prologue, Weinan Culture, Healthy Weinan, Charming Weinan, Soaring Weinan as the the ending. There are more than 8,000 people in participation, and tens of thousands of people watch exciting, glamorous, wonderful performances. We will fully demonstrate the new achievements in the development of sports, and the new achievements in economic and social development in Weinan and masses in the city. In order to vigorously promote the construction of a strong sports city, it will lead and promote the all-round economic and social development. We will inject strong driving force into the goal of building happiness, harmony, beauty, and newness in the new era.

In the layout of the venue, HOXLED equipped photoelectric 297m2 outdoor high protection LED transparent screen, creating a 9pcs, each one for wide 3 meters, 11 meters high LED screen, hanging in the ground 30 meters above the ground.

At the ceremony, HOXLED show a natural and transparent effect for tens of thousands of audiences. It displays the tradition culture, custom culture, technology of Weinan. At the same time, with the director group and the program group, HOXLED deducts the deep cultural heritage and the spiritual outlook of the local customs.

Except the exciting presentation of the opening ceremony, HOXLED will continue to work for ethnic cultural projects and performances in the future. It will perfectly integrate the traditional elements of traditional culture, folk culture, fashion and technology, and fully demonstrates HOXLED transparency.

We will continue to strengthen the R&D and breakthrough of LED display technology and protection technology, expand the application fields of our products and make a better visual world.

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