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What will happen when NINJA meets GOB ICE Screen?

NINJA PROJECT, with Aim of Promoting the Culture and History of Ninjas Globally. It consists of two teams--BLOOD WILL TELL and DARKEST BEFORE DAWN, whose team colors are Red and Black. 

On March 28, 2019, these two teams both Created Gorgeous Feat with their World-Class Dance, Parkour, Tricking and so on.

BLOOD WILL TELL(, the two Rappers expressed the world view of "ninja" with HIP-HOP, a completely new feature. The red costume, the red light and our GOB ICE Screen matched perfectly to make a beautiful and attractive image.

DARKEST BEFORE DAWN(, the song was themed with Mas(Nothing to Declare), created a new sense of LOUD-ROCK with feature of Gagaku. The members in black costume, the high-tech dance and our GOB ICE Screen combined well, which made the underground “Ninja” a reality.

As you can see, our GOB ICE Screen created an Unique Scene in every moment, which made the expressions such as dance more Attractive. It combined with live and concert venues well, made A Gorgeous Visual Effect. If you want to make a better visual world with different solutions, come to us.

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