AnKang Wanda Plaza worked with Hoxled to make A Super Great Press Conference!

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On April 20, we worked with AnKang Wanda Plaza to make A Super Great Press Conference! Thousands of guests gathered together to witness the night of dreams.

It was a psycho-physical total immersive experience! The High-tech feeling of our GOB ICE Screen, combined with the great performance, audience was shocked by Charm of GOB ICE Screen. 

If you want to make your show an Unique, Shining and Unforgettable Experience, come to us.

PS: Wanda Group, a large multinational conglomerate focusing on modern services, the world's leading real estate company, leading film company, leading sports company and leading children's entertainment company.

AnKang Wanda Plaza(with a cost of 6 billion yuan) is the First World-Class Urban Complex in Southern Shaanxi built by Wanda Group.

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